“Uro Vasti” treatmeant for heart disease

Ayurveda is a major and scientific method of treatment where treatment is done with herbs, plants and nature with no side effects. “URO VASTI” is an important Ayurvedic treatment for heart disease using herbal oil.

Uro refers to the chest area and Vasti is a panchakarma therapy done with herbal oils.

Urovasti is an effective and satisfactory treatment that balances the Vata, from which a person keep safe against diseases caused due to imbalanced vata which are mostly heart-related.

Vasti is very effective in every aspect and it has everything to satisfy each patient. Herbal oil and decoction are applied into the colon through the rectum. It is very beneficial in the treatment for those suffering from the auras (chest pain) affecting by the sternum.

Definitely patient will get relief from chest pain. In this process, the paste of black gram powder or wheat powder is used to bund the medicated oil completely sealed closed in the chest area for a specific period.

The benefits from Uro Vasti:

• Improving the blood circulatory system.
• Strengthens the neuro muscular system of the body and also the connective tissues.
• Strengthens and revitalizes the heart.
• Regulates the heart functions and rhythms, corrects cardiomyopathy.
• Respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis are relieved.
• Milder angina, chest pain symptoms are relieved.
• Ischemic heart disease chances are reduced significantly.

“UroVasti is one of the most important parts in Panchkarma and its purpose is especially to lower the muscular chest pain”

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