Karnapurnam - A therapy of putting oil in the ear

Karnapurnam is one of the many therapies in Ayurveda that is done with oil. It means, putting oil in your ears!

It is beneficial in ear diseases including hearing loss, tinnitus, Meniere’s disease (characterized by main vertigo), swimmer’s ear and other ears related issues.

Indications of Karnapurana

Karnapurnam Therapy is generally used to clean ear canals and ear structure.

There are many benefits of ear disorders in Karanapurnam.
• It helps in the treatment of sick diseases such as tinnitus.
• It improves hearing quality.
• It constantly reduces ear infections.

In Karnapurnam, medicinal oil is used. These oils have to strengthen the properties of ear structures. These oils give all parts of the ear nourishment, including external ears, middle ear, inner ear, and eardrum. This is very useful for balance disorders. Balance disorders are a loss of extreme, dizziness and balance.
If you are suffering from frequent ear pain, then this is a good treatment for your ears.
Depression, sleep, emotional trauma and so on causes many problems for the brain. Karnapurnam also helps to calm down the mind and brain.

"It nourishes the acoustic nerve and improves the quality of the signal to the brain, which also enhances the sound interpretation of the sound by the hearing center in the brain."

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