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Dr Prateek Singh Rawat , is a experince well, popular and qualified Ayurveda Doctor in Rishikesh, India. Having a deep insight of classical ayurvedic formulations, complex herbal compounds, and traditional treatment modalities of early Indian alchemy. He is a dedicated and experienced Ayurvedic doctor resolutely to research and development of Ayurvedic formulations.

He has a great command over the holistic approach used during diagnosis & treatment and the major fundamental aspects of ayurveda. Awarded with Madhav and Dhanwantri awards in his academic years and several scholorships .

Being a Master in Clinical Psychology, his eminence in science , theory , clinical practices and devast knowledge to help many to enjoy the wisdom of life.

Moreover, he is specialized in various enormous sciences and his excellence in Panchkarma, Naturopathy, Marma therapy is commendable to spread this knowledge in national , international schools and more international Workshops.

He has proven excellence in conducting educational forums for promoting ayurvedic treatments and lifestyle changes and organising Ayurveda wellness programs , training thousand of new students and also senior therapists from all over the world in the past five years.

During his off day he is offering this further proficient at rendering medical services with human face coupled with counseling and comforting touch. Skilled in Pulse diagnosis, physiotherapy and NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) always make his treatment techniques more unique and significant. His evince expertise in handling a sundry array of emergencies and quick decision to pacify patient suffering prodigious.

He always invited to be a guest educator to schools, events because he was popular acclaimed for his worthwhile guest lectures on Traditional ayurveda & yogic science, yogic anatomy, Ayurveda in modern lifestyle .

His philosphy wonderfully promoting healthy growth of society and fostering to build a healthy world around. As such he is an Executive member of NIMA and RADA the big popular ayurvedic forums he believes in giving back to the society by voluntarily participating in different social works.

He is among the advisors of the first Recycle, Reuse and Reduce charity shop in Rishikesh. The founder and volunteers family respect his effort and energy to help the shop mission work swiftly .

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