Marma Massage

Calm yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually with Marmatherapy!

In Ayurveda, the important point of the body is known as Marma, and Marma massage in Ayurveda is a very important massage therapy. Ayurveda says that there are 107 Marma points in the entire human body, and the mind is considered 108th marma. Marma massage is given to these points which is very effective in every aspect.

Marma is a Sanskrit word means hidden or secret. Giving massage on Marma points relax your mind, body and spirit and give you the new life. Marma massage is an Indian scientific Ayurvedic method and adheres to the tradition for thousands of years.

Medicinal science "Ayurveda" is prosperous with so many unbeatable curing systems which restore in improving the health condition where Marma Massage Therapy is one of the best aspects of Ayurveda. Thousands of patients throughout the year from all over the world come to take the treatment of Marma massage therapy.

Marma therapy helps to maintain blocked energy. Major Marma points correlate the body's seven chakras or energy centres of the body,

The points were epitomized centuries ago in the ‘SushrutaSamhita’, a classic Ayurvedic text.

The Marma points are at both the side of the body front and back; including;

  • 22 on the lower extremities
  • 22 on the arms
  • 12 on the chest and stomach
  • 14 on the back, &
  • 37 on the head and neck

In Marma therapy, there is a very slight stimulation of points on the body.

“So if you want to calm yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually; experience MarmaMassage for sure at World Health Ayurveda.”