Strengthens The Jawbones With Gandush

Taking adequate medicinal fluid in the mouth in a way that mouth cannit be moved further is Gandush.

Retaining of medicated liquids/solids in oral cavity Beneficial to both healthy as well as diseased persons. Strengthen the jaw, teeth, melodious voice, lips cracking, dryness of throat, dental carries, Ulceration in an oral cavity, teeth ache etc.

Ayurveda calls oil pulling (holding and swishing oil in the mouth) gaṇḍūṣa. The CarakSamhita, in the dinacharya (daily routine) section, elaborates on all the benefits of gaṇḍūṣa – and they are many:

Gandush pulls and binds toxic substances from the oral cavity, and thus helpful in the prevention of the tongue, mucous membrane, upper throat and sinus cavity.
Daily digestion by taking oil in the stomach, cleansing any fog that covers the fire leads to hunger.
With a regular herbal synergy formula, it can help to avoid swelling of the sour throat.
Gandush encouraged and supported the health of lips.
The toxic tooth can help prevent decay, as it facilitates the daily extraction of the debris left in the crevices of the teeth.
It strengthens the roots of teeth.
It prevents toothache and nourishes nerve tissue and nerve ending.
Supports vertebrate vocal cords - Oil lubricants reduce toxic loads and support vocal cords.
Gandusha helps to hones the taste buds. To detox the oral cavity, this is the natural treatment to build-up (ama, amavisha and garavisha).
It balances the pH of the oral cavity.