Get rid of ENT problems with Nasyam treatment

Nasyam treatment in an ayurvedic therapy in which herbal powder, oil and juice pour through the nasal passage of the nose, which works effectively in the ears, nose and throat disorders. The path of the nose is the entrance to the head.

Nasyam is one of five Panchkarma Therapy! It is particularly desirable for the upper part of the neck base; and plays an effective role in the treatment of ear, nose and throat.

Poorvakarma or Pre Purificatory Measures

Face oil for face, forehead, head, ear, and neck include massage or steam utility. This adhesive helps in loosening flaws. Massage of facial oils or steam applications for face, forehead, head, ear, and neck is included in this process.

Pradhanakarma or the main process of Nasyam

Pouring Luke's warm medicated oil in the nose on both sides with the help of proper equipment such as a dropper is the main process in Nasyam. After adding the drug; Shoulders, neck, ears and palm get a slowly massage.

Paschatkarma or post-therapeutic measures

In this process, the patient is given lukewarm water to gargle for cleaning the mouth; after this, the medicated smoke is given to inhale.

How does NASYAM treatment work?

Nostril rotating drugs around the nerve (brain) and venous system (blood circulation) that are present in and around the nose then they remove the distortion that is present or distributed in the vicinity.

Thus, it relieves the blockage of channels and the diseases are cured effectively. “There is no side effect of the treatment when performed by an experienced physician."

“Visit World Health Ayurveda to take the relaxing and relieving treatment of Nasyam.”

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