Ayurvedic Treatment for Ligament Problem

Are You Suffering from Ligament Problem? No need to worry at all, Ayurveda has the best treatment for you.

While playing cricket, volleyball, basketball, football or any other sports and if you are injured or your knee or elbow got twisted, you found complete ACL tear, definitely, it can be treated with an ayurvedic treatment known as Bandage/Bandhana which enables the joint Instability.

Due to the increasing number of accidents and sports injuries,the knee binding injury is also increasing in number.

The knee joint is given heavy stress in the body. There are two completely incompatible properties of stability and mobility. It depends heavily on the quadriceps femoris and collateral ligaments for stability.

Ligament Problem mainly occurs due to sudden impact or due to continues wear and tear. When an injury occurs due to sudden impact, the body responds to that condition, which leads to immobility and other inflammatory responses, it’s a protective mechanism of the body.

In the case of Ligament Problem, it should be looked at the stage of injury, should be needed a correct clinical examination and relevant imaging techniques to determine the case. Then only it will be clear regarding the stage and management of the case.

In almost all cases of ACL tear and related soft tissue injuries, including first degree, second degree, third degree and shoulder and cartilage injuries of partial tears, Ayurvedic treatment provided better results than other systems without surgery.

All the problems related to joint ligament are well cured by Ayurveda treatments, including Panchkarma, Bandas (Bandages), Treatment of Janu Basti, internal Ayurvedic medicine, and many other related therapies.


The duration of the treatment was minimum of 30 days but can also be more or less depends on the condition of the patients.

This Ayurvedic treatment surely provides relief from pain with a noticeable improvement in the movement of a joint.

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