Reflexology or Zone Therapy

Reflexology is a technique where the pressure is given to the patients to their feet and hands with the specific thumb of the right side, finger and hand techniques with no oil or lotion.
It is also known as Zone Therapy. Reflexology is the use of appropriate pressure for specific points and areas on feet, hands or ears.
"Reflexologist believes that these reflex numbers match various body parts and systems and by pressing them, one can produce real benefits to the health of the person."

For example:

Reflexology believes that a specific place in the foot command corresponds to the bladder and for proper pressure, reflexologist uses fingers and thumb which affects the bladder function.

What does reflexology do?

If you are suffering from a disease like a headache, kidney disorders, PMS, anxiety cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular issues and sinusitis; then Reflexology will certainly give you the best result even though reflexology is not the only treatment for these diseases but will definitely give you the excellent result.

“Choosing the therapy of Reflexology, one can get relief from a variety of diseases! The Ayurvedic Therapy is a well-known science focus on the health benefits of an individual.”

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