Griva Basti

The problems of the muscles spine and skeletal tissues of the shoulder and neck generally arises because of the lifestyle of the people these days. People are working more on computers continuously sitting in one place or in one position in their workplace, Hangs up on mobile for hours which causes lack of body movements and then this problem occurs but can be treated easily In Ayurveda. The word Griva Basti comes from Sanskrit. The term Griva refers to the neck and the Basti stands for the container or retaining something inside it. It is an effective Ayurvedic treatment for neck pain followed by hot oil therapy. In the process of Griva Basti, the bath is to be given to the neck area of the patient from medicinal oil or freshly prepared herbal decoction and process simultaneously performs oleation and sedation around the neck area.


We made the patient lie on his back to start the therapy.

After this, we place a small ring of four to five inches in diameter prepared with the black gram dough and placed on the neck to cover all the vertebrae of the neck and the 2-3 vertebras in the thoracic area.

Then to make it leak proof, it is glued with some water and lukewarm medicated oil or the decoction of herbs is slowly poured into it.

The dough is removed at the end of the procedure and a gentle massage is given over the area. And the patient is made to relax for a while.

Duration: 45-60 minutes
Course: 7-14 days

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