Combination of two words, Rei & Ki, where Rei means God's wisdom and Ki means life force energy; Reiki is a powerful Japanese technique basically beneficial in stress reduction and in providing you an ultimate relaxation. The technique of Reiki is applied with hands and works on unseen life force energy flowing through us and is the reason for us to be alive. Our mood and emotions depend on this life force energy; if life force energy is low, then there is likely more chance to get sick & feel stress and if life force energy is high, then there is more chance of an individual to be happy and healthy.

Reiki is very much helpful in the treatment or healing of a physical & mental trauma. The treatment of Reiki gives a wonderful feeling of relaxation and peace. It treats the person completely, from his/her body to mind, emotions & spirit.

Reiki Session

The 60 to 90 minutes session of Reiki helps to ease stress and tension! During the Reiki session, a Reiki Expert will treat you by simply hands-on technique, the expert does not touch your body, he/she simply moves the hand above your body, from head to feet to provide you ultimate healing & relief.

You will definitely find the session relaxing, invigorating and yes, pleasant.

Treatment by Reiki

Reiki is undoubtedly, a great tool to cure a disease and illness. It is very much beneficial in the reduction of stress and offers relaxation & wellness to the body.

“After getting the Reiki treatment, you might be interested in learning the technique and so, we also let you learn the amazing technique of Reiki at our Ayurveda School in Rishikesh, "World Health Ayurveda".

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