Ayurvedic Treatment for Heart Problems

Ayurveda aims at striking at the very root of the disease. A real cure for the disease is only possible if we adopt a holistic approach as the one advocated in Ayurveda and address the problem at its very root. Shunning the age-old principles of healing described in the Vedas- the great Indian heritage, as unscientific only just because they are old, is most unfortunate. However, due to the intensive research work of some doctors in the west, people now have come to believe that Heart Disease can be reversed.

Effective natural treatments for Strengthening Heart

Here are some of the recommendations that Ayurveda makes:

  • Nourishment: Use of Amla fruit as an excellent anti-oxidant that can help to prevent arterial damage from free radicals as well as nourishing the heart tissue. Amla can help boost the immune system and nourish the heart.

  • Increase circulation: A major cause of heart problems is due to hardening, inflammation or congestion of the arteries which can restrict blood flow as well as putting pressure on the heart muscle and tissue. Ayurvedic herbs strengthening the cardiac muscle, reducing arterial congestion and lowering blood pressure.

  • Reduce Blood fats and high cholesterol: If you suffer from high cholesterol try TriphalaGuggul which combines a range of herbs known to tackle the causative problems of high cholesterol as well as reduce high levels of blood fats.

  • Relaxation: If you suffer from excess tension try using Ashwagandha. It is a wonder herb for helping reduce tension in the body and mind as well as strengthen the heart muscle.

  • Dietary suggestions: Eat a nourishing diet that removes all processed foods, poor quality dairy, poor quality oils, hydrogenated oils. Increase foods that are excellent for the heart.

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