Ayurvedic Treatment for Lungs Problems

Do you know Lungs problem can be effectively treated with Ayurveda!

Respiratory disorders or Lungs Problems are the conditions where there is some disease affecting any part of the airways right from the nose, the trachea or windpipe, the bronchi to the lungs.

In Ayurveda, five types of disorders of the respiratory system or lungs as Svas Roga are classified into five types:

• Ksudraka
• Tamaka
• Mahan
• Chchinna
• Urdhava

According to Ayurveda, Svasaroga is a result of problems or imbalance in two doshas: Vata and Kapha.

Ayurveda is treated to respiratory diseases through a multilevel process in a holistic manner, including the use of specific treatments, the use of herbs, breathing exercises, and diet and lifestyle changes to clean the toxic substances.

Why Ayurveda?

Asthma Symptoms & other respiratory problems vary over time and also differ in severity from one person to another. If it is not timely diagnosed & effectively treated, it will take the form of a terrible disease which often compels a person to be hospitalized.

Special herbs &Panchkarma therapies are very beneficial in Ayurvedic Treatment for Respiratory Diseases which makes you feel much better and helps to overcome any of your Respiratory related problems.

The simple breathing gives you great relaxation and peace and you feel most refreshed and happy for most of the time. It is the power of nature. Ayurvedic medicines or treatment is always a better option as compared to allopathic medicines and gives 100% result in many cases.

Ayurvedic treatment for specifically, respiratory problems or respiratory diseases, works magically.

A person face many kind of breathing problems in day to day life like:
• Recurrent breathing problems
• A painful cough
• Harsh & shallow breathing
• Chest tightness/congestion
• Wheezing
• Nasal congestion
• A runny nose
• Itchy or watery eyes
• Labored breathing

And respiratory diseases which are treated very easily with Ayurveda are like:
• Pneumonia
• Asthma
• Chronic Bronchitis
• Emphysema

World Health Ayurveda offers a right treatment for lung diseases!

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