Deep Tissue Massage

Similar to Swedish Massage Therapy; Deep Tissue Massage involves pressure on the deep layers of the body tissues, tendons and fascia! The deep tissue massage is mainly done to minimize or reduce pain & discomfort of the body and works on further to improve the body healing ability.

The massage is not only relaxing but also release muscles that stuck in between the uncomfortable holding patterns. Though Deep Tissue Massage is slightly uncomfortable yet it is very much effective in reducing stress hormones and heart rate and releases happy hormones such as oxytocin and serotonin. The releasing of these hormones let you experience a state of relaxation and makes your mood completely fresh.

Deep Tissue Massage is slower and firmer that helps in alleviating the pain and injuries! The massage aims to realign the different layers of body tissues and then treat the tendons, ligaments and fascia! The Deep Tissue Massage is done by applying a lighter pressure to prepare the muscles for further steps, as the therapy goes on; stronger pressure is applied to the muscles with the purpose of providing relief.

During the Deep Tissue Massage, a person lays down either on the stomach or back in one position; then the pressure is applied by the therapist to the targeted areas of the body. The massage relieves muscle tension and stimulates the blood flow. Also, it releases happy hormones and lowers the psychological stress.

Deep Tissue Massage relieves Chronic Muscle Pain and Injury Rehabilitation. It focusses on the major muscle groups such as neck or lower back, along with joints and tendons. Deep Tissue Massage is very much beneficial for sportsman or athlete.

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